Quantum Single Thermal Cycle

QUANTUM corrugating is a unique single application, low temperature, combining process. Formation of the single face web and applic-ation of the outer liner are achieved in one thermal cycle.

Conventional Corrugator Thermal Cycle

QUANTUM, with its low temperature single thermal cycle, does not stress papers in the combining process, resulting in far superior board quality.

To achieve the above, Agnati has completely redesigned the corrugator.

In the QUANTUM machine, formation of the single face web and the application of the external liner are achieved virtually at the same time, in only one thermal cycle. Uniform cross-machine caliper is achieved with optimized corrugator roll labyrinth and a non metallic pressure roll.


Critically important in micro-flute post printing:

   • Higher rigidity and mechanical strength

   • Flat without typical washboarding

   • No-lip cut edges

   • Superior both-sides printing surface (suitable for Lithography, Flexography and Digital)