• Mike K. Franz

Quantum Corrugating LLC is proud to announce the release of the revolutionary DOUBLE-WALL

Unique to the QUANTUM™ – Two significant industry firsts – Single Thermal Cycle and Constant Web Tension, enabling the production of unmatched board quality.

QUANTUM™ is new corrugating technology, employing a revolutionary low temperature single-thermal cycle process, constant web tension through the machine to the cut off knife and without liner to hot-plate contact. This results in superior single- wall, double-wall, and single-face products. The ‘zero-contact’ process protects board surfaces from machine effect degradation, thereby preserving preprint, specialized coatings, post print Flexo, Litho and Digital opportunities. The result is superior in every measurable dimension, being stronger, flatter, without flute lines and with ‘folding carton’ surface appearance.

QUANTUM™ requires less energy, less starch adhesive, minimal civil engineering, less space, fewer operators and produces the highest board quality with optimum board stiffness. The machine also produces uniform cross-machine board caliper, critical for the highest standards in printability.

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