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ARVCO Kalamazoo, Michigan Continues its Investment in Agnati’s Corrugating Machinery.

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Quantum Corrugating, LLC is pleased to announce the sale and installation of two new V-90 single facers at ARVCO Container, Kalamazoo, MI.


This new equipment, scheduled for installation in December 2018, includes two new V-90 single facers and the upgrade of an existing third single facer.

ARVCO, a privately-owned corrugated board producer, has once again renewed its confidence in its Italian supplier, Agnati, by ordering two new Single Facers for their existing Corrugator.

The Agnati V-90 Single Facer is designed and manufactured to guarantee optimum performance and reliability, while at the same time reducing the operating, maintenance and ownership costs for the end user.


For Additional Information Please Contact: Victor Pinto

Cell: +1 (817) 366-7754 I Office: +1 (206) 743-9230 I Email:

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