Agnati-Stock Litho Laminator

Aganati in partnership with Stock Maschinenbau can produce superior combined board (in consideration of the demanding conditions litho laminated boxes need to withstand), and at the same time ensure integrity and quality during the lamination process – Critical for shipping, retail environments and for high-end consumer packaging.


  • Max. speed: 220 m/min. - 12.000 sheets/hour

  • Fast cartridge (flute) change

  • Fast splice - Line speed splice

  • On-The-Fly registration

  • High reliability – 95% (technical reasons)

  • Only 2 operators on the line – excluding logistics

Quality of board.jpg

Quality of the board:

• No pressure roll marks

• Uniform flute caliper across the width of the web

• Uniform moisture content – Flat board – No flip stacking

• Higher board performance – Higher BCT

• Can substitute lower paper grades

• Flat board = Flat stacks


• Absolutely no limits in speed and quality of board

• No speed limits during the splice

• Total flexibility regarding board combination

   (double wall)

• Easy and fast change of corrugator roll profiles

• No limits of paper qualities, range 60 – 200 gr/m2

• Normally, no need to use the PRR (pre-heater) for the single face web

• Steam shower is normally no required

Line 1.jpg
Line 2.jpg
Line 3.jpg